Welcome To The Medal Centre

Welcome To The Medal Centre

The Mission of this site is to reunite families and relatives with long lost medals awarded to their ancestors.

We sell on behalf of collectors and dealers. We offer a "Medals Reunited" service whereby those seeking old family medals can list their details for other dealers and collectors to see and match with their stock.

3 choices to find what you are looking for.

1)Quick Surname & Medal Alphabetical Stock Search found in the World War One Section.

2) Search your family name: Use the search facility to enter your family name. WWI medals are listed alphabetically for simplicity.

3) Find my family medals: Send us your details and we will post them on the "Medals Reunited" Page.

For those seeking family medals the initial listing is, currently, free. All we require is the name of the medal, and recipient details. If you want to list more detail we can offer a full page which will incur costs.

Dealers and Collectors

Please contact us on the email address below to discuss the opportunities here to market your stock. We have a team of experts constantly looking to maximise visibility for the general public to find what they want. Our team are the experts in optimisation, you are the expert selling you product.
You, as the dealer or seller, decide what information is listed and you supply the relevant photograh to be uploaded.
To list will cost nothing, and there is no risk to you. You will not be expected to ship direct to customer until you have received cleared funds.

For those who can fulfill the reuniting request there is a minimum charge of £10.00 per sale up to £70.00 sale value, thereafter 15% of sale price.

Unlike an auction sale you decide on your retail price. You must remember to build in our fee into your sale price. No hidden or additional charges.

For all parties there is the satisfaction that medals have been reunited with families and descendants.

Email: enquiries@themedalcentre.com


Call: 07765 595662